About Us

Welcome to our website for homebrewing! We are a bunch of pals who enjoy nothing more than brewing wonderful, distinctive beers at home.

We started brewing because we became sick of the same old, mass-produced beers that you can buy at any convenience store or supermarket. To make unique brews that aren’t available anyplace else, we wanted to experiment with various flavors, ingredients, and methods.

Brew delicious beer!

Our crew is made up of a collection of beer-loving outcasts who each bring a unique set of abilities and experiences to the table. To mention a few, we have a nurse, a software developer, a chemist, and a stay-at-home father. However, we all have a love of brewing good beer and a sense of humor to keep things light and enjoyable.

We created this website to help other home brewers and to share our passion for brewing with others. We have something for everyone, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro. We have everything you need, from recipes and brewing advice to product reviews and beer-related apparel.

So raise a glass and follow along as we set out to make the best darn beers you’ve ever had! Cheers!