Yes, the ability to work independently or as part of a team, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, interest in science or chemistry, and love for homebrewing may all be shown by the inclusion of this skill on a resume. It can also serve as a discussion starter during an interview

Let me tell you a story about why and then go over these points in more detail.

A long time ago, there was a guy called Sam who was an avid homebrewer. He worked on honing his craft in his spare time, experimenting with various recipes.

Sam made the decision to seek a position at a large multinational brewery one day. Although there was a lot of competition, he believed that his knowledge of homebrewing may offer him an advantage.

Sam was called in for an interview, which surprised him. Sam’s pastime piqued the interviewer’s interest, and he was peppered with inquiries regarding his brewing procedure.

As the interview progressed, Sam’s confidence grew. He began to discuss his craziest brewing concepts and even produced a sample of his most recent concoction for the interviewer to taste.

Sam was shocked to learn that the interviewer adored it. He responded, “This is just the type of inventiveness and unconventional thinking we need at our organization,” he said.

Sam was then hired for the position. He rose to the position of a chief brewer at the large corporate brewery, where he used all the knowledge he had gained from homebrewing to produce some of the most inventive and delectable brews the business had ever seen.

Sam did not look back after that day. He continued to brew his own beer on the side for fun, appreciative that his hobby had brought him to his dream position.

This story is to demonstrate why adding homebrewing to your resume is a good idea. And here are some of the reasons why:

Homebrewing as a job?

A person may wish to include homebrewing on their resume for a number of reasons:

  • It exhibits a love for a certain pastime or endeavor. Employers often seek applicants that have a love for something since it might show a degree of focus and commitment.
  • It demonstrates ingenuity and problem-solving abilities. The capacity to think creatively and address issues that can develop throughout the brewing process is necessary for homebrewing.
  • It could be a sign of curiosity in the chemistry or science of brewing. This may be especially important for careers in the food and beverage sector or for occupations that need a thorough knowledge of chemistry or science.
  • It may exhibit the capacity to function both individually and together. Homebrewing is a pastime that may be pursued alone or in a group. You may demonstrate that you have experience working both alone and as a team member by including it on your CV.
  • During an interview, it could serve as a discussion starter. Homebrewing might be a subject of discussion during the interview if you include it on your resume and the company is interested in this pastime. This will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and enthusiasm for the activity.

In summary, job applicants may find it advantageous to include their experience with homebrewing on a CV. It shows dedication to a pastime, inventiveness, and problem-solving abilities, an interest in chemistry or science, and the capacity to work both alone and collaboratively, and it may serve as a discussion starter in an interview. While it may not be pertinent for every job, it might be a standout addition to a CV for individuals in the food and beverage business or for jobs requiring a solid grasp of chemistry or science., 2023 (c) All rights reserved. Without previous written consent from, no part of this publication may be duplicated or communicated in any way, whether it be electronically, mechanically, photocopying, recording, or otherwise.

Author: Sam

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